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Aon International Retirement Monthly Newsletter – November 2021

This month’s newsletter is packed with interesting articles, papers and webinars. Highlights include the Aon Australia 2021 Superannuation and Financial Wellbeing Report and an update on the Philippines’ proposal to create an Employee Pension and Retirement Income Account.

The next session in the International Retirement Webinar series will be a global round-up on 9 December where we will discuss a range of topics covering the retirement landscape. In previous months we have focussed on Germany, Mexico and Latin America. Click here to register and click here to watch previous webinars

If you have any feedback or if there if something you'd like to hear more of then please let us know.

From Colin Haines, Partner, International Retirement & Investment



International View on Employee Benefits Accounting
The 31 October 2021 edition of Aon's newsletter on discount rates, inflation rates, asset performance and other elements that influence your company's pension and other defined benefit liabilities. More information can be found here.

Aon's Global Survey of Retirement Plan Accounting Assumptions
This report presents the results of Aon’s global survey of accounting assumptions used for employee benefit plans at 2020 year-end. The results of this survey may be useful to companies when setting preliminary assumptions for 2021 year-end and budgets for 2022. See the results here.

United Kingdom

Risk Settlement Bulletin – Q3 2021
This bulletin delves into the story of the bulk annuity market so far in 2021, explores the latest pricing trends and investigates longevity swaps as an alternative option for schemes. Access the bulletin here.

Aon Podcasts – Focusing on inflation
Join Aon’s Ricky Marsh, Lynda Whitney and Derry Pickford in this month’s edition of the retirement market update podcast series where they discuss the impact of rising inflation on pension schemes, including the implications for assets and liabilities and the outlook for the future.

Cyber Risk, Pensions and Investment - article
Cyber Risk has risen quickly up the agenda for pension schemes. In this article first published in Portfolio Institutional, Paul McGlone, Aon Partner, considers how schemes are dealing with the issue, and specifically how it applies to scheme assets.

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EMEA (excl. UK)

Aon Netherlands Pension Agreement Online Masterclass
Our colleagues in the Netherlands will be holding an online session (in Dutch) exploring ways organisations have started to adjust their pension schemes in accordance with the Pension Agreement. Click here to learn how these ‘pension explorers’ have dealt with their challenges.

Here are some pieces you may have missed from previous newsletters month:

  • Ireland: IORP II is finally here…! – April Flash Report
  • Germany: Intergenerational justice in the bAV – Urgent need for action for fairer pensions
  • Netherlands: New Pension Law


Aon Australia 2021 Superannuation and Financial Wellbeing Report
The 2021 Superannuation & Financial Wellbeing Report is now available here. It examines how organisations have approached the recent Superannuation Guarantee (SG) increase, how employees are responding and how HR and remuneration leaders’ future decisions could be impacted for the next legislated increases. It also looks at what opportunities organisations provide as part of their financial wellbeing employee value proposition and whether it is successful and what improvements could be made.

Australia: Stapling and other 2021 super changes – A recap for employers – article
This article offers employers a recap of the sweeping changes the government made to superannuation this year. Click here to learn more about the new rules and what they mean for you.

India: Worried about retirement planning? Subscribe to your employer provided retirement benefits - article
With a host of long-term retirement products available across asset classes, employees in current times are spoilt for choice. However, benefits of employer sponsored Retirement plans like Provident Fund (PF) and National Pension System (NPS) are often overlooked by employees. Click here to learn more.

Japan: Proposed Amendments to the Defined Contribution Pension Sub-Limits
Click here to read about the newly proposed changes that aim to change the contribution sub-limits when employees participate in multiple pension arrangements, either employer-sponsored or individual.

Philippines Hot Topic: Proposals to create an Employee Pension and Retirement Income Account
There are measures to establish an Employee Pension and Retirement Income (EPRI) account which will be mandatory, fully funded and portable under the proposed Capital Market Development Act (House Bill 9343), now pending in the Senate before passing into law. Click here to learn more.

More content:
Here are some pieces you may have missed last month:

  • Australia: Change is Coming to Australia’s Retirement Contribution Scheme; Here’s What Employers Should Know
  • Japan: Employer Retirement Risk Implications of Reduction to Investment Product Returns
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United States & Canada

Mid-Year Update | U.S. Pension Risk Transfer Market
The mid-year update provides pension risk transfer transaction information and pricing themes for the first half of 2021. It also highlights what to expect for the remainder of the year for premiums, demand from insurers, and assets-in-kind. Read more here.

Enhanced LDI
Traditional LDI investments are concentrated in areas that are expensive (long government and credit), without perfectly hedging liability risks, creating opportunities for improvement. In this paper Aon discusses how using Enhanced LDI, or eLDI, to diversify pure government/credit liability-hedging portfolios may improve results. Access the paper here.

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International Retirement Webinar Series
Join Aon's International Retirement & Investment team to hear insights on local market developments around the world. Each webinar will help those responsible for governing, managing and overseeing retirement plans to understand new local retirement topics and key changes in local legislation. Most recent webinars have included Germany, Mexico and Latin America and on 9 December 2021 there will be a final global round-up. Click here to register and click here to watch previous webinars


You or your colleagues may be interested in accessing these recent webinars:

  • Global: Vaccines, volatility and value – charting the course for 2021.This webinar is designed to support companies in this very complex environment as they set strategies for the year(s) ahead.
  • APAC: Aon Asia Insights Series 2021
  • US: Q1 Market Update - R&I Investment Series Kick-off - Investing in 2021: The Real Risk/Reward Challenge
  • US: Pooled Employer Plans, SECURE 2.0, and the Future of Retirement Security.
  • Ireland: IORP II - Preparing for Compliance for Irish Pension Schemes
  • UK: The Decline of Women's Labour Market Participation During COVID-19: A Systemic Risk
  • UK: Virtual DC Live Week: Keeping on track in challenging times
  • UK: 2021 Risk Settlement Conference Replays
  • UK: Helping smaller schemes succeed in a busy market place
  • Canada: Canadian Pension Risk Strategies
  • South Africa: Weathering the Storm in South Africa
  • Switzerland: Immobilien Global – Warum es sich lohnt diese Anlageklasse zu berucksichtigen (German)

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