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7 APRIL 2020
COVID-19 Bulletin
UK Retirement & Investment
Our latest UK COVID-19 Bulletin is designed to keep you abreast of the latest updates and insights from Aon’s retirement and investment experts in these challenging times. The Bulletin builds from our dedicated response website which includes Aon’s regular Markets Update.

Aon's COVID-19 Response Webinars, on a range of different topics, are highlighted at the end of the Bulletin. This week, we will focus on investment, covering recent market developments and asset class performance. All of our webinars will give you a chance to hear our specialists’ views first hand and to ask any pressing questions.

For further enquiries, please contact your Aon consultant or contact us via this link.
Investment and markets
Liquidity Collapse: Why Has It Become So Hard to Trade?
While market liquidity has now started to normalise, large trades can still have disproportionate impacts on prices, and investors need to be careful about transacting, particularly when selling assets. Here, Aon’s asset allocation experts consider the impact of the current crisis on liquidity in more detail.

Rebalancing: Ignore the Crowd… Follow your Policy
A reminder of the availability of this paper, in which Aon’s experts look at two reasons why disciplined rebalancing of investment portfolios is the right strategy.
Pension scheme governance
Crisis Resilience Planning for DB & DC Schemes
Aon’s experts have prepared guidance documents for DB & DC schemes, with immediate actions both types of scheme can take to set up for the months ahead and steps they can take to support business continuity plans in the future.
Risk settlement
COVID-19 Response Webinar: Implications for Pension Scheme De-Risking Transactions
Specialists from Aon’s Risk Settlement Group recently held a webinar addressing the impact of the coronavirus crisis on pension scheme de-risking transactions. Listen again here.
COVID-19 Response Webinars
8 April, 2.15pm – 3pm
Investment Focus – Market Developments & Asset Class Performance

15 April, 2.15pm – 3pm
Spring 2020 Actuarial Valuations
Aon's COVID-19 Resources.
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