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15 APRIL 2020
COVID-19 Bulletin
UK Retirement & Investment
Aon’s UK COVID-19 Bulletin is designed to keep you abreast of the latest updates and insights from Aon’s retirement and investment experts in these challenging times. The Bulletin builds from our dedicated response website which includes Aon’s regular Markets Update.

COVID-19 Response Webinars on a range of different topics are highlighted at the end of the Bulletin. This week's webinar, taking place today, will focus on Spring 2020 Actuarial Valuations and consider employer’s covenant, contributions and investment considerations. Details are below.

For further enquiries, please contact your Aon consultant or contact us via this link.
Investment and markets
Aon’s Global Asset Allocation Team has prepared a number of papers over the last week, including the outlook for credit markets for the US dollar.
COVID-19 Response Webinar: Investment Focus – Market Developments & Asset Class Performance
Last week, Aon’s Caroline Allensby-Green was joined by specialists from our Asset Allocation and Manager Research teams to explore the recent market developments and ways in which different asset classes, managers and strategies have performed in response to the coronavirus crisis.
Challenges to Employer Covenant and Cash Management Through the COVID-19 Pandemic
While the financial impact of COVID-19 is unquantifiable at present, this papers explores the challenges to employer covenants and cash management through the pandemic.

** Aon’s Ryan Cox and Paul Dooley will be discussing employer covenant and contributions in today’s COVID-19 Response Webinar – see details below. **
Demographic Horizons Longevity Bulletin
Aon’s regular briefing for UK pension schemes considers the latest COVID-19 mortality figures and their implications for the longevity outlook.

COVID-19 Response Webinar:
Implications for Pension Scheme De-Risking Transactions

Specialists from Aon’s Risk Settlement Group recently addressed the impact of the coronavirus crisis on pension scheme de-risking transactions.
10 Questions to Test Your DC Investment Arrangements
The DC checklist addresses a range of areas such as member options, governance structure and market opportunities.

Crisis Resilience Planning for DC Schemes
Immediate actions for DC pension schemes including how to set up for the ongoing months and steps schemes can take to support continuity plans.

10 Questions to Test Your Crisis Resilience
A short checklist designed to support DC managers and trustees to address a range of core areas aligned to governance, investments, administration and member communications.
COVID-19 Response Webinars
15 April, 2.15pm – 3pm
Actuarial Valuations: The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

22 April, 2.15pm – 3pm
Member Options: How to Protect & Support your Pension Scheme Members
Aon's COVID-19 Resources.
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