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July 2020
Investment Clicks
COVID-19 response webinar – the new normal: what is it and what does it mean?
Our latest webinar discussed the hugely topical subject of how the future might shape up – and importantly, the wide range of potential considerations and outcomes, for investors.
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Exploring credit markets
How did credit markets hold up during the recent market volatility? What are the current opportunities and points of caution that pension schemes should consider? Our Investment team explore in this latest podcast.
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Preserving capital while generating returns
Is there a suitable investment that can protect pension scheme assets in falling markets yet generate decent returns in normal market conditions?
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Fiduciary management: a changing market
Peter Daniels at Barnett Waddingham and Aon's Tony Baily look at how fiduciary managers can help pension schemes improve their resilience in changing markets, plan for maturity and invest responsibly.
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The climate crisis: rising to the challenge
This webinar addressed the critical issue of climate change, the role pension scheme investing can play and important steps trustees can take now to position portfolios for a better future.
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Social inclusion: build back better
The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted existing inequities across and within countries. The goal of social inclusion, critical to sustainable development, is unfinished business. In this blog, Oliver MacArthur explores how investors can support social inclusion and build back better.
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