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February 2020
Pension Clicks
In this edition of Pension Clicks, we round up recent pensions news in In Sight, examine why your administrator plays a key role in your de-risking plans and look at how you can stand out from the crowd in factor investing.

You may notice that Pension Clicks has a new look this month – we hope you like it and would love to know your thoughts. Please contact us if you have any feedback you’d like to share.
In Sight
Our quarterly summary of pensions issues covers PPF levies, the Pensions Regulator’s guidance on investment governance, an update on the Pension Schemes Bill and a round-up of other news.
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In it together
David Pharo and Thomas Williams explain the importance of partnership with your administration provider when de-risking. First published in Pensions Age.
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Factor investing – standing out from the crowd
The concept of factor investing has been known and used for decades. But recent rapid growth in fund flows has led some to worry that this form of investing is getting 'too popular' and 'overcrowded'. In this paper, we look at whether these fears are justified.
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Pensions are easy, but people are difficult
Read Steven Leigh's article in HRD Connect to find out why, and what you can do about it.
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Sign up for a copy of our 2020 DC Employer Survey
Our new DC Employer Survey will be released soon – sign up and ensure you receive a copy as soon as it is published.
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Benefits and Trends Survey 2020 launches
Now in its tenth year, the UK Benefits and Trends Survey 2020 covers the latest trends in employee benefits – from key focus areas for employers to the strategies they will be investing in over the next 12-18 months.
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Risk Settlement - watch our new videos
In a busy risk settlement market, a clear de-risking strategy and thorough preparation are key to attract the best pricing. These four videos provide a breakdown of the de-risking process from start to finish and provide valuable insights as you plan your journey.
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Retirement podcast
Focusing on pension tax

The key pension news from the last month summarised by Ricky Marsh. This month Ricky is joined by James Mason and John McHugh to discuss pensions taxation.
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Risk Settlement Bulletin
Our Q1 Bulletin looks back at a record-breaking 2019, identifies key steps for schemes once they have decided to transact, and explores how smaller schemes can maximise their chances of risk settlement success.
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Week in Markets
A summary of market movements over the past week.
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Aon in the press
This month, we led the £1Bn buy-in between the Co-operative Pension Scheme and Aviva.
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Dates for your diary
2020 Pensions training
Sign up here to reserve your place on any of our 2020 courses.

4-5 February
HRD Summit: Harnessing Human Creativity
Aon’s Karina Klimaszewski runs a masterclass on How your workplace pension can drive employee financial wellbeing and engagement.

February-March 2020
2020 Aon Pension Conferences: Clarity of Vision
Registration is open for our 2020 events – secure your place now. A full day’s attendance entitles you to 4.5 CPD hours.
Also on our website
Global Pension Risk Survey: how are schemes managing their maturity?
Hear insights from the UK findings of our 2019 Global Pension Risk Survey and find out how rapidly-maturing DB schemes are tackling the need to make decisions about both scheme assets and the liabilities.

Providing options for members of DB schemes
Listen to our recent webinar, addressing the provision of options and support for members of DB schemes at retirement and in bulk exercises.

Online monitoring tool for your scheme
Our Risk Analyzer tool is now used by over 900 schemes to monitor various financial and risk measures. This video gives you an example of how Risk Analyzer could help you.
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