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January 2020
Pension Clicks
In this edition of Pension Clicks, we look at how schemes are tackling the challenges of cyber risk and GMP equalisation in the final UK chapter of our Global Pension Risk Survey, examine the ways multinational employers are addressing the pension risks they face and explore the options schemes can offer their members to help reduce scheme risk.
What's New
How are schemes wrestling with cyber risk and GMP equalisation?
In the final chapter from the UK findings of our Global Pension Risk Survey, we explore schemes’ responses to these two hot topics.
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Podcast: Cyber risk and GMP equalisation
The podcast to accompany the final chapter sees us discuss the topics in more detail – what actions should schemes be taking?
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Know your options
What options can schemes offer their members to help reduce the scheme’s risk? Ben Roe speaks to Pensions Age about member options exercises.
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How are multinationals addressing pension risks?
The multinationals’ report from our Global Pension Risk Survey examines how global companies are tackling the risks they face worldwide.
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Sign up for a copy of our 2020 DC Employer Survey
Our new DC Employer Survey will be released soon – sign up and ensure you receive a copy as soon as it is published.
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Investing for impact
Our new paper explores opportunities in publicly traded equity.
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Investment podcast
Tapan Datta reflects on the key economic events of the last twelve months and the outlook for 2020.
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Knowing yourself
Pensions Age talks to Karen Gainsford about the importance of understanding behavioural traits when implementing a de-risking solution.
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Week in Markets
A summary of market movements over the past week.
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Aon in the press
This month, our new paper sees opportunities for impact in public equities.
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Dates for your diary
2020 Pensions training brochure out now Our 2020 Pensions training dates have just been released. Sign up here to reserve your place on any of our 2020 courses.

15 January
2020 Market Outlook webinar (Best ideas for investment portfolios)
Our 2020 Market Outlook will be a Q&A-driven exchange, with Bryan Ward, Tapan Datta and Russ Ivinjack sharing Aon’s views by asset class with a focus on private markets and other portfolio diversifiers.

February-March 2020
2020 Aon Pension Conferences: Clarity of Vision
Registration is now open for our 2020 events – secure your place now. A full day’s attendance entitles you to 4.5 CPD hours.
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Global Pension Risk Survey: how are schemes managing their maturity?
Hear insights from the UK findings of our 2019 Global Pension Risk Survey and find out how rapidly-maturing DB schemes are tackling the need to make decisions about both scheme assets and the liabilities.

Providing options for members of DB schemes
Listen to our recent webinar, addressing the provision of options and support for members of DB schemes at retirement and in bulk exercises.

Online monitoring tool for your scheme
Our Risk Analyzer tool is now used by over 900 schemes to monitor various financial and risk measures. This video gives you an example of how Risk Analyzer could help you.
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