Pension Clicks
March 2022
In this edition of Pension Clicks, we look at the proposed details of the Pensions Dashboard, release the findings of Better Outcomes by Design, our new DC and Financial Wellbeing Survey, and share the latest Risk Settlement news in our Q1 Bulletin.
On The Horizon
To help with planning, our On the Horizon summary provides a reminder of some of the key legislative and regulatory developments expected over the coming year.
Dashboard Details Proposed
From staging dates commencing in April 2023, schemes are expected to face a large number of ‘find requests’ and, where the details match one of their members, schemes will typically be required to provide data about that member’s benefits immediately. 
Better Outcomes by Design
The 2022 DC Pension Scheme and Financial Wellbeing Survey shares survey findings alongside insights from Aon’s subject matter experts. Each chapter finishes with a short checklist of practical actions schemes can take to deliver better outcomes for members and sponsors. 
Q1 Risk Settlement Bulletin
An update on the latest mortality analysis, the importance of ESG in the risk settlement market, and a look ahead at market pricing and capacity in 2022.
Factoring ESG Into Risk Settlement Decision Making
ESG is an essential consideration for all schemes completing an insurer transaction. To address this, we have developed an ESG rating system for insurance providers, designed to assess whether and how well they integrate ESG considerations into their investment decision-making process. 
Putting Members At The Core Of Risk Management 
Kelly Hurren and Tom Yorath discuss the results of Aon’s latest global pension risk survey, including attitudes to member options and GMP equalisation. First published in Professional Pensions.
Long Term Asset Fund 
The FCA has finalised rules for the Long Term Asset Fund (LTAF), designed to invest efficiently in long-term, illiquid assets. In this short paper, Waleed Gill, Chris Inman and Joanna Sharples explore the changes to the finalised rules and consider if this is a game-changer for DC scheme investment.
Retirement Podcast:
Focusing on the latest Pensions Dashboard Developments
Key pension news from the last month summarised by Ricky Marsh. This month, Ricky is joined by Paul McGlone and Becky McGowan to discuss the DWP’s consultation on the draft regulations for Pensions Dashboards, including a closer look at what may actually be required of schemes once the new regulations come into force.
Week In Markets
A summary of market movements over the past week.
2022 Hybrid Pension Conference:
Managing Risk & Supporting Members
We are excited to open registration for the 2022 Pension Conference Series, a hybrid, multi-city event throughout the month of June.

Whether you decide to attend in person or join from the comfort of your own desk, this free conference will offer you the opportunity to hear experts’ views and ideas on how to manage DB and DC pension schemes – and will give you a space to learn from and network with peers.

Book an in-person place here. Book a virtual place here.
Aon Success at Pensions Age Awards
We were delighted to be awarded “Factor Investing Offering of the Year” at the Pensions Age Awards last week – congratulations to everyone involved!
Aon in the press
This month, we examine the divestment dilemma facing UK pension schemes. We find that while UK employers feel more responsibility for employee health and wellbeing, strategic actions aren’t aligning with this. And UK employers are seeing significant changes in what their employees expect at work.
Pensions Training 2022
We are running a full schedule of DB, DC and pensions governance training in 2022. You can find a copy of our training brochure here and book here.
2022 Hybrid Pension Conference: Managing Risk & Supporting Members
Book an in-person place here. Book a virtual place here.
Also on our website
During this webinar, specialists from Aon’s Demographic Horizons™ team discuss the key considerations for schemes looking to forecast post-pandemic longevity.
For investors, flexibility is key to navigating continued complexity and uncertainty, and achieving investment objectives. Fiduciary management has evolved to offer that flexibility and enable better investment decision-making. 

At this webinar, hear from Aon and industry experts about how fiduciary management can be used in many different forms.
Listen again to any or all of five short virtual sessions, focusing on:
Climate change and the energy transition
Future trends and investment opportunities
Overcoming investment governance
DC pensions – practical steps for investors
DB pensions – practical steps for investors
Our latest Global Pension Risk Survey demonstrates how schemes are evolving their risk management policies to cover a wider range of risks as they continue their journey. This webinar talked through the survey findings.
During this 30-minute webinar, Joe Moore summarised the key pensions news from a corporate perspective over this last quarter, Rupert Kotowski shared the key takeaways from our recent Global Pension Risk Survey, and Louise Gibbs discussed insights from our Accounting Strategy team.
2020 was an historic year for volatility, and 2021 has been an historic year for recovery, so what does 2022 have in store? In this webinar replay, Aon’s Accounting Strategy Team share insights to ensure you are fully briefed on current issues and what actions you can take to achieve your objectives.
Pension dashboards are finally set to become a reality. At this webinar we were joined by the Pensions Dashboard Programme’s Head of Onboarding, Paul Noone to explore the requirements in more detail.
The third in our quarterly webinar series shared updates on current pensions issues from a corporate perspective. Alongside a summary of the 'need to know' headlines from the last three months, the webinar focused on how schemes can unlock value via GMP equalisation.
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