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May 2021
Pension Clicks
In this edition of Pension Clicks, we summarise recent pensions news in In Sight, explore why employees need help with their direction of financial travel and invite you to share your views in our Global Responsible Investment Survey.
In Sight
Our quarterly summary of pensions issues covers the Pensions Regulator’s consultation on a single code of practice, an update on climate risk governance and reporting, further changes arising from the Pension Schemes Act 2021; and a round-up of other news.
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Employees need help with their direction of financial travel
Olly Walker explains how companies can help staff with financial wellbeing in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.
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Share your views in Aon’s Global Responsible Investment Survey
ESG investing is moving up the agenda for institutional investors. If you are seeking consensus across your investment boards and committees, it is essential to understand the wide-ranging views and approaches on the topic. Take part in Aon’s third RI Survey, and receive the findings when they are published in the summer.
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CDC – a new type of trust-based pension scheme has landed
Chintan Gandhi explores what CDC is and the role trustees will play in CDC schemes in this article, first published in the AMNT’s Trusted magazine.
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Identifying where your scheme is on its journey to settlement
Identify where your scheme is on its journey to settlement by completing this short questionnaire. Shortly after completion, you will receive a personalised report showing where you are on your journey together with some suggested next steps to keep you on the right path.
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The emergence of superfunds
Does this change your defined benefit end-game strategy? Find out more about superfunds and capital-backed investment solutions, and what these could mean for your end-game.
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Retirement podcast: Focusing on supporting members on financial matters
Key pension news from the last month summarised by Ricky Marsh. This month Ricky is joined by Madalena Cain and Dyfan Jones to discuss the new guide from the FCA and TPR on how trustees and employers can provide support to members on financial matters without needing to be subject to FCA regulation.
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Week in Markets
A summary of market movements over the past week.
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Aon in the press
This month, our new paper highlights the role of synthetic credit in pension schemes’ endgame journey. Our Member Options Survey demonstrates the importance of member support and polling at our Pensions Conferences reveals growing support for CDC. We believe that the industry is facing a trustee exodus due to TPR’s new powers, while our poll shows that just 19% say that the regulator’s criminal powers policy is adequately clear.
Dates for your diary
Pensions Training 2021
We are running a full schedule of DB, DC and pensions governance training in 2021. You can find a copy of our training brochure and register online here.

11 May
Webinar: Insights from Aon’s Accounting Strategy team
Insights into how you can benchmark your pension scheme’s 2020 performance. We will also discuss the latest market trends – including the impact of COVID-19 and RPI reform, walking through the actions you could take to help you to outperform the market in 2021.

19 May, 14:15 – 15:00
Delegated investment webinar: Your buyout journey – Doing it with more certainty & less cost
There are many different steps involved in getting your scheme prepared for buyout. How far in advance should you start planning for a transaction and how can this translate to more certainty and less cost for your scheme?

In this webinar, specialists from our investment and risk settlement teams will explore practical tips on planning a successful journey, and an insurer will share first-hand experiences on why thinking like an insurer can provide attractive pricing terms.
Also on our website
Read all the latest thinking and news on Aon’s Insight Zone
Visit our Insight Zone – a one-stop source for all the latest thinking from Aon’s UK Retirement and Investment teams.

Webinar Replay: Navigating today’s de-risking market
Listen to our recent webinar giving informative insights into the settlement opportunities available to your scheme in 2021 and beyond, and what you need to do to ensure that you are in the strongest position to begin your de-risking journey.

Aon's Pension Cyber Scorecard – the results so far
Listen to our recent webinar sharing results to date from Aon's Cyber Scorecard, a self-assessment tool for schemes to measure their cyber resilience.

Webinar replay: Forecasting longevity while living in interesting times
Listen to specialists from Aon's Demographic Horizons™ team giving insights into the impact that the pandemic has had on longevity assumptions and our view on the market consensus on future mortality improvements.

Online monitoring tool for your scheme
Our Risk Analyzer tool is now used by over 950 schemes to monitor various financial and risk measures. This video gives you an example of how Risk Analyzer could help you.
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