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Pension Clicks
In this edition of Pension Clicks, we share new data on pension schemes’ funding valuations, invite you to benchmark your scheme’s cyber resilience and share our 10-question checklist to help you rate the resilience of your pensions administration service.
In Depth: Pension scheme funding - an analysis of completed valuations
This In Depth sets out the approaches to and results of UK pension schemes' funding valuations completed up to July 2020. It shows the positions of schemes at effective dates to July 2019, and considers the assumptions adopted for assessing schemes' liabilities, and formulating recovery plans where schemes were found to be under-funded.
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Benchmark your cyber resilience with Aon’s new Cyber Scorecard
Do you know how your pensions cyber strategy measures up to best practice and others in the market? Find out by completing our free assessment and receiving your cyber scorecard.
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10 questions to help rate pension administration resilience
We have produced a 10-question checklist to help you rate the resilience of your pensions administration service to the current COVID-19 crisis. The checklist may also help plan your business continuity responses for future crises. It’s part of a range of COVID-19 resources our Pensions Administration team has produced to help clients.
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Keeping pace with responsible investing – trustee essentials
Policymakers, regulators and legislators have been very clear that they expect pension scheme investors to consider the financial risks posed by ESG issues as part of their investment decision-making. Here, our experts consider the evolution of responsible investment and provide guidance on the actions investors need to take.
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Insights from Aon’s accounting strategy team
With a rocky 2019 and rollercoaster 2020, Aon's accounting strategy team share insights into balance sheet liabilities and assets, and information on how you can benchmark the resilience of your scheme relative to your peers.
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To buy-in or not to buy-in?
Attractive pricing and larger-size buy-in deals have led to increasing levels of activity in the market. But is it a viable option for your scheme? This paper considers which portfolios might most benefit from a buy-in and the steps schemes should take to prepare for it.
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The ‘new normal’. What is it and what does it mean for investors
The COVID-19 experience reminds us all that change can happen and it can come fast. As a result, there is no shortage of challenge to the status quo, or of creative thinking about the future, both of which are increasingly discussed in the context of a ‘new normal’. In this paper, John Belgrove and Tapan Datta outline the deep-seated shifts that have occurred or are stirring as well as the potential impact on portfolios of different ‘new normal’ scenarios.
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Optimising redundancy outcomes with Member Options
As the economic consequences of COVID-19 continue to bite, many employers are making difficult decisions in relation to the size and shape of their workforce. Read more on the cost-effective measures employers can take to help employees at this time.
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Retirement podcast
Key pension news from the last month summarised by Ricky Marsh. This month Ricky is joined by Matthew Arends and Ryan Cox to discuss how the objectives of trustees, sponsoring employers and scheme members could all have been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Week in Markets
A summary of market movements over the past week.
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Aon wins Derisking Consultant of the Year
Aon’s Risk Settlement team was awarded the title at the 2020 Pensions and Investment Provider Awards – the second time we have won this award in the past three years. Aon was also commended in three other categories – Actuarial Consultant of the Year, Investment Consultancy of the Year, and Fiduciary Manager of the Year – congratulations to all involved!
Aon in the press
This month, we launch a new independent financial adviser (IFA) annual governance update service to support trustees and sponsors in helping pension scheme members access financial advice, and see an increase in smaller bulk annuity transactions. The University of Exeter scheme appoints Aon for investment advice and we respond to The Pensions Regulator’s defined benefit funding code of practice consultation.
Dates for your diary

2020 Pensions training
Our training courses are currently taking place by webinar. Sign up here to reserve your place on any of the 2020 courses or contact us for further information.

10 September, 9am-midday
Time to re-evaluate member options for your scheme?
We explore why now may be the right time to change your strategy on member options, with sessions focusing on trustee and corporate perspectives and client case studies from Newell and Diageo. The event is interactive, allowing you to build your own agenda, submit questions to our expert speakers and take part in polls.

16 September, 2.15-3pm
Webinar: Delegated Investment Focus - The Bear; and now the Bull?
Specialists from our fiduciary and investment teams will explore how we've adapted portfolios and taken advantage of what appears to be a transition from one market cycle to another. Areas of focus will include ESG in a delegated context and hedge funds.

12-16 October
PLSA Annual Conference
Aon will sponsor the DB Pensions stream, with Matthew Arends talking on long-term DB targets and Tim Manuel on responsible investment.

Also on our website
Alternative financing solutions in the current environment (29 July)
What role can alternative financing solutions play in the current environment? How can pension scheme sponsors and trustees navigate the different alternative financing options available to them?

Aon’s DC & Financial Wellbeing Conference – watch the replays (June-July)
If you missed our six-session virtual conference, covering a range of themes from setting and achieving your DC objectives to engagement and financial wellbeing, you can view all the sessions. Also, keep an eye out over the coming months for more DC related thought leadership and events for the remainder of 2020.

Sizing up your risk settlement options
If you missed our digital conference covering the latest risk settlement market updates, including the implications of COVID-19 on longevity pricing, the key highlights from our 2020 research into the perceptions of pension scheme de-risking and 3 detailed client case studies, you can view all of the replays at your convenience.

Online monitoring tool for your scheme
Our Risk Analyzer tool is now used by over 900 schemes to monitor various financial and risk measures. This video gives you an example of how Risk Analyzer could help you.
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